Select Rewards goes Mobile!

  • Redeem offers from the convenience of your Android or iPhone
  • Custom Team Apps may include schedules, rosters, directions to fields, connections to social media, communication tools and much more.

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Fundraising never looked so good!

  • Select Rewards checkbooks are easy to sell, offering significant cash off the items of your choice to places in your community.
  • Select Rewards checkbooks help you reach your fundraising goals quickly, offering high profit per unit.
  • Merchants are eager to support local groups and appreciate a meaningful way to advertise.
  • The Community is eager to support local groups and local merchants and appreciate a meaningful way to save money.

Select Rewards offers an upscale community fundraising solution loaded with valuable features. Voucher checkbooks are unique to each organization, targeting business specific to your local community. Custom features include a full color custom cover  we design for you, optional event schedule and up to 30 certificates we solicit based on merchants you request.

Our turnkey philosophy reduces volunteer efforts as we fully produce and develop your product, solicit the merchants of your choice, pre-assemble your sales kits and provide sales materials, training for your sellers, AND top seller prizes. Our Select Rewards team is dedicated to our core mission of: "developing community relations and providing outstanding and unmatched customer service."

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