Q: Who chooses the merchants that go into a book? Do we have to pick from a list?

Answer: Your group chooses the merchants for us to solicit. We work with hundreds of businesses throughout CO and AZ, but our goal is to help you create a custom mix of businesses to participate in your fundraiser. You tell us who you want and we solicit on your behalf.

Q: Can I tear a certificate from the booklet and give it to my kid for school lunch?

Answer: No. Certificates are not valid if removed from the book prior to purchase. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, merchants make generous offers to help support the fundraising organization and ask for your consideration to make meaningful purchases. We work on an honor system. Preferably, you use the one time certificate to enjoy with your whole family. In order for this program to succeed, we need to work in the best interest of our community and local supporters.

Q: Can I get Kohl's, Starbucks and Walgreen's in my books?

Answer: Though we do work with some national chains, these are examples of business we prefer not to target. Typically, if a large corporation such as Target or Dillard's does their own advertising on a national level; their hands are usually tied to corporate nationwide policies that restrict them from participating locally. Our goal is to focus on a select group of local merchants that may already support your organization. In addition, if a restaurant has an hour wait on the weekends, they typically won't need the advertising. What we offer is advertising.

Q: Can we return any unsold books?

Answer: We work with you hand in hand to develop strong selling practices and group support. We offer solutions, hold sales training and sales techniques at the rally, and provide continuing support. As the books are custom, they do belong to your group. For the first year only, we are willing to take up to 20% of the books back and apply that amount as a credit towards the next years purchase. For orders of 1000 books or greater, we do allow 10% to be returned.

Q: Do we have to pay for books in advance?

Answer: No. We ask for a 10% down payment with the order. We assume all cost for the work and printing upfront and ask for the balance to be paid three weeks after the books are delivered.

Q: Does Select Rewards provide prizes to motivate our sellers?

Yes! We provide customizable prize packages based on your requests. 5 - 10% of our fee is used to buy prizes of your choice. Some groups prefer prizes for every seller meeting their goal, while others prefer top seller prizes. We work with you to come up with the perfect prizes for your needs. Apparel, gift cards, i-pods and cash are a few examples of what we've offered.

Q: When do the books expire?

Answer: 12 months from the time they're delivered. If your product is delivered in November it will expire the following November.

Q: What kind of offers are in the book?

Answer: Booklets are filled with 25-30 savings certificates treated as cash off the items you wish to purchase (no change given). There are no buy one, get one free offers or low value percentage off and no specific items are needed to be purchased. The typical value of each book is between $350 and $700.

Q: How could I ever sell a product for $35 when I have a hard time selling a coupon product for $25?

Answer: Consumers have been asked to buy coupon based products for years. Over time these coupons have become more and more restrictive causing the offers to be less useful to the consumer. Consumers have a hard time paying for products they know they won't use. With Select Rewards, most consumers only need to use three or four offers to get their money back. Though the cost may be higher than other products the value is also higher. Consumers understand they have the freedom to buy what they choose to places they likely frequent in their community. They recognize $35 provides hundreds of dollars in value.

Q: Will our sales be affected if other schools in our area sell Select Rewards booklets too?

Answer: No. EVERY booklet is designed specifically for each organization making every book unique. Consumers often buy books from multiple organizations as every book is different.

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