Our mission at Select Rewards is advertising and marketing with a focus on community

Our Voucher Checkbooks

  • Provide a meaningful opportunity to attract quality customers at NO CHARGE
  • Only 15- 30 local businesses are allowed to participate in each custom product
  • We work on a first come first serve basis

Select Rewards offers Solutions for the whole Community. We have a meaningful way to attract quality customers in your doors, who are shown to make quality purchases at your establishment. In addition, your participation has the added benefit of supporting your community without having to make a donation. We have years of statistical data to show how successful our program performs for businesses ranging from local family owned establishments to large regional chains. As offers are not searchable online, you are less likely to attract customers who are shopping for discounts, who are planning to come your establishment any way. Though our redemption statistics suggest a 10% annual return, it's QUALITY we are more likely to provide.

  • There are no risks, no upfront costs, and our statistics confirm a win for all.
  • You provide your logo and business information and we handle the printing, the distribution, and even offer a complimentary financial analysis of your results.
  • Let us help you offer the Community Solutions you're looking for.

Back Cover Advertising offers Branding ability and customized premium gifts

Back Cover Select Rewards

  • Custom full color back cover
  • Higher visibility than a business card
  • Multiple opportunities of recognition as the product is used multiple times per household
  • Advertisement includes booklets, which serve as "premium gifts" to your clients
  • Additional products given to fundraising groups when back covers are purchased

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